Intimaterial Symposium

RCA, June 2017
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Performance and video Fingers Crossed at Intimaterial Symposium.


Intimaterial a transdisciplinary event that mingles the amorous and the clinical, the sexual and the industrial, the textual and the bestial, to expose contemporary possibilities and dilemmas of material intimacy. Four keynote speakers at the forefront of their respective, divergent fields will punctuate two days of exploration of critical and experimental investigation. Our scope of intimate attentions will be wide ranging, encompass practitioners from medical, technological, art and design, historical, poetics and fetish communities.  

Keynote speakers:
David Carpenter – ‘False Impressions: the Art in an Artificial Eye’
Chief ocularist in the ocular prosthetics department at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Gestalta Judd – ‘Intimacy and Impermanence’
Artist specialising in shibari (Japanese rope bondage)

Keston Sutherland – ‘Poetry’s Specific Pain’
Poet and critical theorist, author of Stupefaction: A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms,
Odes to TL61P, Hot White Andy and Stats on Infinity, among others.

Joanna Walsh
said by Deborah Levy to be ‘fast becoming one of our most important writers’,
her books include Grow a Pair, Vertigo and Hotel.


This event is being organised by Elizabeth Atkinson, Isabelle Held and Freddie Mason, research students in the School of Humanities at the RCA, as well as Mae Losasso, Humanities research student at Royal Holloway, with the support of the Techne AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership scheme.