jupiter brings good luck, wealth, joy

bells for splitting the air, for lifting a curse, for calling to prayer or bath. bells for methods, for changes, for images of divine numbers. bells for drunks with political agendas. bells are perhaps the first computer to produce a divine image. from tintinnalogia to image processing. see Fabian Stedman (tintinnalogia 1668 and campanologia 1677)


patterns of salience

‘Axencarer’ maybe from axen + searcer (ashes sifter), to search, to sift

Augmented reality used to place products in our subconscious. There is no need for that sleight of hand anymore.

commercialisation of care

all testers have been removed



Directions for burning, and how to use all the vegetables that are proper for making potashes and soap, and bleaching of linen-cloath and Yarn. The vegetables useful for those purposes, are oak, ash, beech, thorns, juniper trees and whins. The herbs are fern or breckens, wormwood, nettles, thistles, stinking weed and hemlock. The other herbs that are plenty have little salts in them, so I need not treat of them.